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So verwenden Sie das TTY-Relay 

TTY Kentucky Relay Services

TDD users: 1-800-648-6056
Voice users: 1-800-648-6057

How to make a Relay Call

TTY Users:

  1. Turn on the TTY

  2. Hold down the "Ctrl" button and press "0" to dial.

  3. Type in 711 or 1-800-648-6056

  4. The Relay Center will send this message: "KRS CA #0000 NBR PLS GA"

  5. Type the area code and number you are calling, along with any calling instructions, then type "GA"

  6. The CA will then dial the number and your conversation will begin.

  7. Be sure to type "GA" when you are finished with what you have to say.

VCO Users:

  1. Lift handset, dial 1-800-648-6056 or 711 from the keypad or press the "RELAY #" button to dial from memory.

  2. After the CA answers in text, press the "REL MSG" button.

  3. When you see "GA" on the display, tell the CA the number you wish to call.

  4. When connected, read messages on the display and start speaking when you see "GA."

  5. Be sure to say "go ahead" when you are finished speaking.

Voice telephone users:

  1. Call the Kentucky Relay Service at 711 or 1-800-648-6057

  2. You will hear: "Kentucky Relay Service CA#0000. May I have the number you are calling, please?"

  3. Tell the CA the telephone number you want to call.

  4. While your call is being relayed, talk as though you are speaking directly to the person you called.

  5. Each time you finish speaking, say "go ahead" to let the CA and the person you are calling know that you are finished.

Uniphone Users:

  1. Press TTY ON/OFF then you will see TEXT TELEPHONE.

  2. Press DIAL, then call the Kentucky Relay Service by typing 1-800-648-6056 or 711.

  3. You will see the Operator's response displayed on the LCD screen, "Kentucky Relay Service CA # 0000.

  4. May I have the number you are calling please."

  5. For a VCO call, type VCO ON (If a customer profile is set with KRS the operator will automatically respond VCO ON).

  6. Type (for TTY) or voice (for VCO) the area code and number you want to call, along with any instructions, then type or voice "GA" when you are finished.

  7. When connected, begin your conversation (TTY = type and read) or (VCO = speak and read).

  8. Remember to wait for the "GA" from your party before speaking or typing and be sure to type or say "GA" when you are finished with what you have to say.

  9. Press the SHIFT and ON/OFF button to hang up and complete your call.

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